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Здраствуйте помогите перевести текст, и ответить на вопросы к нему Translate the text: UNDERSTANDING STRESS You have

probably heard that death and taxes are the only two things you can be sure of in life. If there is a third, it must surely be stress. Stress is basic to life — no matter how wealthy, powerful, attractive, or happy you might be. It comes in many forms — a difficult exam, an automobile accident, waiting in a long line, a day on which everything goes wrong. Mild stress can be stimulating, motivating, and sometimes desirable. But as it becomes more severe, stress can bring on physical, psychological, and behavioral problems. Stress is the negative emotional and physiological process that occurs as individuals try to adjust to or deal with environmental circumstances that disrupt, or threaten to disrupt, their daily functioning. Thus stress involves a transaction between people and their environments. The environmental cir¬cumstances that cause people to make adjustments are called stressors. Stress reactions are physical, psychological, and behavioral responses (such as ner¬vousness, nausea, and fatigue) that people display in the face of stressors. It is important to understand stress because it contributes to psychological problems such as anxiety and depression, and adversely affects people's physical health. Interestingly, some people are more strongly affected by stressors than other people, or may be more affected on one occasion or another. Why? The answer lies in mediating factors that influence the transaction between people and their environments. Mediating factors include variables such as the extent to which people can predict and control their stressors, how they interpret the threat involved, the social support they get, and their stress-coping skills. People who tend to think of stressors as temporary and who do not constantly blame themselves for the onset of stressors appear to be harmed less by them. Answer the questions: 1) What is stress? 2) Do you think stress is basic to life? 3) What forms of stress do you know? 4) What are stress reactions? Give the summary of the text (5-7 sentences)

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