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Закончите предложения, употребив приведенные ниже глаголы в форме Present Perfect. break buy decide forget go go invite

see not/see take tell 1. `Can I have this newspaper?` `Yes, I`ve finished with it. 2. I ____ some new shoes. Do you want to see them? 3. `Where is Liz` ` She ____out`. 4. I`m looking for Paula. ____ you ____ her? 5. Look! Somebody ____ that window. 6. `Does Lisa know that you`re going away?` `Yes, I ___ her.` 7. I can`t find my umbrella. Somebody ______it. 8. I`m looking for Sarah. Where ____ she _____? 9. I know that woman bu I ___ her name. 10. Sue is having a party tonight. She ____ a lot of people. 11. What are you going to do? ____ you ___? 12. `Where are my glasses?` ` I don`t know. I ____them.`

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