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10 ноября 16:34

Задайте пять типов вопросов к любому из предложений In the 21st century, our need for energy is greater than it has ever

been. Fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas were formed millions of years ago, and when power stations burn them to create electricity, they release harmful gases into the atmosphere. There may be enough coal to last for a few hundred years, but known oil and gas reserves will run out in less than 50 years - and then what will we do? Many scientists suggest turning to renewable energy, which means sources of energy that will never run out. It can be produced using the wind, the sun, waves or hot springs. The wind can turn large turbines to produce electricity, while energy from the sun can be collected in panels and stored in batteries. The movement of the sea can also be changed into electrical energy by using wave machines and, in parts of the world where there is volcanic activity, hot springs can produce geothermal energy. Unlike nuclear power, these are safe sources of energy that don’t pollute the environment. Our dependence on fossil fuels has to end soon. Let’s hope that by the time all the reserves are gone, there will be enough alternative sources of efficient energy available. In the meantime, why don’t we try to reduce the amount of energy that we use?

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