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16 апреля 21:29

вставить глаголы Mary in the garden every day. He TV at the moment. We a book now. He the pianino daily. Mick and John

their homework now. Раскрыть скобки My brother (to clean) the kitchen. Look! He (to go) inside. I (to wait) in the car now. Dr.Gates (to listen) to music. We (to speak) Chinese at the moment. I (to swim) in the pool. Look! She (to come) home. She (to make) breakfast now. Написать сокращенные формы вспомогательных глаголов. We are writing a letter. He is opening the door. He is playing computer games. They are dancing at the party. We do not drink coffee. I do not like math tests. I am playing football. Написать отрицания к данным предложениям. They are playing a game. He's drawing a picture. He is marking sandwiches right now. John and his brother are taking photos. Dad is working in the kitchen. I am a pupil. They learn English. We must go to school. You are not allowed to do it. I don't like coke. She can swim. Написать несколько предложений о тех грамматических явлениях, с которыми вы столкнулись при решении данных заданий.Расскажите, что вы знаете о них.(50-60 слов, на русском языке)

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