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02 мая 12:56

—Вставь в пропуски глаголы am,is, are или have,has —-their aunt got a pet? ——their pets funny? What colour ——your cat?

What colour —-your dogs? He and his sister —-fine. ——you got a sister or a brother? She and her friend —-from Africa. He and his friend —-got pets. I —-not lazy pupil. Kate and I ——-sisters.Where ——your bag? It —-under the table. Where —-your brother and siser? They ——at school. My dog —-got two puppies. The dog and its puppies —-fine. Tom and his aunt —-got a lot of friends. What —-this? This ——a sandwich. What ——these? These ——sweets. They —-nice. I —-tea with sugar. He —-soup for lunch. There —-a picture here. There —-trees in the park. —-you and Ann friends? Tom and I ——got a cat. ——Tom and you friends? What colour ———your pens? I ——not got many books. ——-there many pupils in your class? There ——a lot of milk in the bottle.

Ответ или решение1

1. Has their aunt got a pet?
2. Are their pets funny?
3. What colour is your cat?
4. What colour are your dogs?
5. He and his sister are fine.
6. Have you got a sister or a brother?
7. She and her friend are from Africa.
8. He and his friend have got pets.
9. I am not a lazy pupil.
10. Kate and I are sisters.
11. Where is your bag? It is under the table.
12. Where are your brother and sister? They are at school.
13. My dog has got two puppies. The dog and its puppies are fine.
14. Tom and his aunt has got a lot of friends.
15. What is this? This is a sandwich.
16. What are these? These are sweets.
They are nice.
17. I have tea with sugar.
18. He has soup for lunch.
19. There is a picture here.
20. There are trees in the park.
21. Are you and Ann friends?
22. Tom and I have got a cat.
23. Are Tom and you friends?
24. What colour are your pens?
25. I have not got many books.
26. Are there many pupils in your class?
26. There is a lot of milk in the bottle. 

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