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15 января 12:43

Вот отрывок письма от английского друга по переписке Дианы (Diana) .....I want to know about your school life... When

did you start going to school? When do you have holidays? How many lessons do you have every day? Do you stay at school after lessons? Напишите Диане письмо, в котором нужно ответить на её 4 вопроса Не забудьте: 1) обратиться к другу по имени 2) попращаться с другом 3) подписать письмо

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Hi,my dear friend Diana!
I want to tell you about my school life. I started going to school in seven years. My school starts at half past eight in the morning. Every day I have five lessons. We study Russian, Nature Study, English, PE, Maths, Music, Art. I think that all the studies are important. My favourite subjects are English and Art. I have holidays in summer and winter. I like to stay at school after lessons because I like to play with my friends in the playground.
Bye for now.
Your friend Masha.
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