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03 июля 17:42

Употребите пассивный залог в следующих предложениях. 1. They often do it. 2. They are doing it now. 3. They did it yesterday.

4. They were doing it last week. 5. They have already done it. 6. They will soon do it. 7. They had done it earlier. 8. They planted a lot of flowers in the park. 9. He sends us messages every day. 10. We’ve just discussed your offer. 11.People are using computers in all kinds of work. 12. She’ll change her furniture soon. 13. The committee will announce the names of the Nobel Prize winners in May. 14. I’m sure that they are taping our conversation. 15. This news shocked me.

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1. It is often done by them. 2. It is being done by them now. 3. It was done by them yesterday. 4. It was being done by them last week. 5. It has already been done by them. 6. It will soon be done by them. 7. It had been done earlier by them. 8. A lot of flowers were planted in the park by them. 9. Messages are sent to us every day by him. 10. Your offer has just been discussed by us. 11. Computers are being used in all kinds of work by people. 12. The furniture will soon be changed by her. 13. The names of the Nobel Prize winners will be announced by the committee in May. 14. I’m sure our conversation is being taped by them. 15. I was shocked by this news.

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