Ты книголюб? Выполни тест с вопросами о литературных жанрах. Проверь ответы по словарю. 1 A(n) ... story is an exciting

story about a hero who goes on an unusual journey and does new and dangerous things. A comedy В adventure C suspense 2 A ... story is about events that take place in the future or in space and usually describes strange creatures and robots. A mystery В drama C science fiction 3 A ... is a serious and emotional play, written for the theatre, television or radio. A drama В comedy C novel 4 A ... is a story about a crime or a strange event that is difficult to explain. A mystery В legend C fairy tale 5 A(n) ... is a funny story with a happy ending. A adventure В myth C humorous story 6 A ... is the story of a person’s life written by another person. A novel В biography C history

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