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02 мая 12:57

Translate from English into Russian, a) a travelling painter a speaking politician a watching scientist a sleeping puppy

b) the painted wall the letter sent by a writer the game played yesterday the advert written by us the cathedral founded in

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a) 1. A travelling painter - путешествующий художник.
2. A speaking politician - говорящий политик.
3. A watching scientist - наблюдающий учёный.
4. A sleeping puppy - спящий щенок.
b) 1. The painted wall - покрашенная стена.
2. The letter sent by a writer - письмо, посланное писателем.
3. The game played yesterday - игра, сыгранная вчера.
4. The advert written by us - объявление, написанное нами.
5. The cathedral founded in - собор, основанный в. 

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