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22 ноября 20:36

Trains to Oxford..every hour in the morning 1 left leaves 3is leave 4leave 2.This problem..very often 1.isn't happen

2doesn't happen 3don't happen 4doesn't happens 3.That ring..very expensive 1is 2does 3are 4cost 4/ Where is your car?- It's at home.It.... at the moment 1 not work 2isn't work 3isn't working 4doesn't work 5. I... the party when it started to rain 1leave 2leaved 3left 4leaves 6. When I...the dinner, I... a strange noise 1cooked/hear 2was cooking/heard 3was cooking/was hearing 4 cook/heard 7. The two men.. by the police yesterday 1were stopped are stopped 3stopped 4are being stopped 8. She offered.. the washing-up 1does 2doing 3do 4to do 9. I..that camera if it..too much 1willbuy/willnot cost 2buy/doesn't cost 3willbuy/doesnb'tcost 4buy/costs

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1. Trains to Oxford leave every hour in the morning.
2. This problem doesn't happen very often.
3.That ring is very expensive.
4. Where is your car?- It's at home. It isn't working at the moment.
5. I left the party when it started to rain.
6. When I was cooking the dinner, I heard a strange noise.
7. The two men were stopped by the police yesterday.
8. She offered to do the washing-up.
9. I will buy that camera if it doesn't cost too much.
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