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26 декабря 22:19

СРОЧНО: Задали сочинение по теме тематический парк пож помогите

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I love to play LEGO very much, so I would like to tell you about a group of children's theme parks. It's called Legoland. It is built from LEGO. The first park was opened in Billund (Denmark). Nowadays Danish Legoland consists of more than 46 million LEGO bricks, it is the largest park of LEGO in the world. Danish Legoland consists of 8 thematic zones: "Miniland", "Duplo World", "World of imagination", city "Legoredo", "Pirates' Land", "Knights' Kingdom", "World of adventures" and Lego city. Moreover, there is the biggest LEGO store and children's clothing store near the Legoland's exit.
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