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12 января 19:56

Составить диалог между покупателем и продавцом магазин одежды на английском 4кл

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- Hello, miss. How can I help you?

- Hello. I'd like some new dress. What can you offer me?

- Sorry, what size and colour do you need?

- I think, Russian 42 is mine, and let it be light green or yellow.

- Well, we have some models. Let me show you them... What about this one? Would you like to try it on?

- Oh, it's beautiful. I think, it will suit me. Where is the fitting room?

- It's over there...

- I like it very much. I'm going to buy it. How much is it?

- It's 2000 roubles.

- Here you are. Thank you.

- Wear it with pleasure, miss. Come to us again.

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