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Составь предложения,поставив слова в правильном порядке. ОБРАЩАЙ ВНИМАНИЕ НА ТИП ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЯ И ПОРЯДОК СЛОВ. перепиши

готовые предложения в тетрадь. and/Tom/are/i/friends. dog/not/this/brave/is. not/brother/his/is/a worker. her/kittens/colour/are/what? names/are/what/their? are/and/where/Tom/Bob/from? funny/are/puppies/those. not/long/snake/is/that. friends/and/ann/are/Jane. not/brother/is/my/a pillot. not/are/Bob/jack/pupils/and. house/his/colour/what? sisters/how/your/are? boys/these/from/are/where? little/doll/this/funny/is. funny/little/are/toys/these. america/her/friends/from/are. the/where/ball/is? dolls/are/the/where?

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1. Tom and I are friends.
2. This dog is not brave.
3. His brother is not a worker.
4. What colour are her kittens?
5. What are their names?
6. Where are Tom and Bob from?
7. Those puppies are funny.
8. That snake is not long.
9. Jane and Ann are friends.
9. My brother is not a pilot.
10. Bob and Jack are not pupils.
11. What colour is his house?
12. How are your sisters?
13. Where are these boys from?
14. This little doll is funny.
15. These little toys are funny.
16. Her friends are from America.
17. Where is the ball?
18. Where are the dolls? 

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