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Rewrite the sentences using the Zero, First,Second or Third Conditional. the second sentence must have the same meaning

as the first.2 Madonnas new record is coming out soon and i do not want to buy it.when_____________3 president kennedy went to dallas and he was shot.if___________4 water boils when you heat it to 100Cif_____________5 i like sport,so i watch the TV sports channel.if___________________6. lennon and McCartney met, so the Beatles existedThe Beatles_______________7. i wear boots when its coldif________________8. Karl Marx and Chairman Mao never met, so they did not have an interesting conversation._____________________________________9. it does not usually snow in June in Europe, so i can not go skiing then.if__________________________

Ответ или решение1

2. When Madonna's new record comes out, I won't buy it.

3. If president didn't go to Dallas, he would be alive.

4. If you heat water to 100 c, it boils.

5. If I didn't like sport, I wouldn't watch TV sports channel.

6. The Beatles wouldn't have existed, if Lennon and McCartney hadn't met. 

7. If it isn't cold, I don't wear boats.

8. If Karl Marx and Chairman Mao met, they would have an interesting conversation.

9. If it is snowing in June in Europe, I will be able to go skiing.

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