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Решите пожалуйста, СРОЧОНО! Put the words in the correct order to make questions and sentences in a restaurant. 1.coffee/you/like/some/would/?

2.order/to/wine/you/like/some/would/? 3.water/sparkling/still/mineral/of/? 4.table/two/a/we'd/for/like/ 5.bill/have/can/the/we/? 6.menu/have/we/the/could/? 7.included/service/is/? 8.first/plate/I'd/like/the/ 9.course/the/the/I'd/chicken/for/main/like/ 10.vegetables/you/what/would/like/?

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1.Would you like some coffee? 2.Would you like to order some wine? 3. Still, sparkling or mineral water? 4. We'd like a table for two. 5. Can we have the bill? 6. Could we have the menu? 7. Is service included? 8. I'd like the first plate. 9. I'd like the chicken for the main course. 10. What vegetables would you like?
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