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08 ноября 21:38

Read the text and complete it. Hello! Im Chip You know I.(1).... ....... a brother.My .(2)..... ..... name is Bit.He

is a nice boy.He wants to be a.(3)........What (4)........I want to be? A computer engineer.I think its great. Whats the (5)...... like today? Let me have a look.Oh its warm and sunny.Bit and l can go for a (6)..... We`ve (7).......two cousins and they`ve got a dog.We can go for a walk with our (8).........dog.We usually have a good time and a lot of fun. Bye! Say what you know about Chip and his brother.

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1). You know I have got a brother.

2). My brother’s name is Bit.

3). He wants to be a doctor.

4). What do I want to be?

5). What’s the weather like today?

6). Bit and l can go for a walk.

7). We’ve got two cousins and they’ve got a dog.

8). We can go for a walk with our cousins’ dog.  

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