Read the text about the Lykovs and say what the situation described has in common with the Tagaeri’s situation. LOST

IN THE TAIGA A hundred miles from any settlement in the midst of the wilderness the Lykov family lived, spoke and thought in the manner of the 17th century. In 1932, Karp Lykov had taken his wife into the remote Siberian taiga, deep into the Abakan River valley in response to disturbing events in Russian society. The family grew, and the men and women lived separately in a pitch-dark house with no lighting. It was a tiny colony with the primitive living conditions of the time of Peter the Great. They missed World War II and all the shake-ups that followed. The family had lived there for 46 years all alone, until geologists discovered them in 1978. Within a month three of the five family members suddenly died one after another and there is still little explanation for it. Soon Karp Osipovich, the family head, passed away, too. The remaining younger daughter Agafia, in her fifties, began to build a fragile relationship with the outside world with thoughtful dignity... Discuss the questions. 1 Why did geologists come to the place where the Lykovs lived? 2 What do you think caused the death of the three members of the Lykov family? 3 Were the Lykovs happy with their life in the wilderness? Why? / Why not? 4 Do you think this is the only case of people living shut away from the world in Russia?

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