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Read the question and discuss in pairs the bullet points below. Is the distance at which we start hearing a sound and

stop hearing a sound the same? • Do you know the answer? • If yes, how can you prove that your answer is right? • If no, how can you find the answer now, in the classroom?

Ответ или решение1

You might need to explain that “испытуемый” is called the subject, often referred to as
“she” below. But this is not active vocabulary. This experiment can be performed in the
following way:

1 Choose a subject and blindfold her outside the classroom.

2 Lead the subject in and let her sit on a chair facing the wall.

3 The experimenter, ticking clock in hand, moves toward and away from the subject in
a straight line. He/she counts silently the steps. It should be very quiet in the room. The
experimenter should move very quietly and show the number of steps with the fingers.
The subject should say when she stops or begins hearing the licking.

4 The assistant enters the number of steps into a table prepared on the board during
the planning stage.

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