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Раскройте скобки употребляя глаголы в Present Continuos или Present Simple. He ( work) in the centre of the city? I (

write) an exercise now? You ( go ) to scholl on Saturdays? We ( not danse ) every day? They ( play ) in the room now? Where he ( live )?- He live in a village He ( sleep) now They ( read ) many books The children ( eat ) soup now He ( help ) his mother every da

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1) Does he work (Present Indefinite) in the centre of the city? 2) Am I writing (Present Progressive) an exercise now? 3) Do you go (Present Indefinite) to school on Saturdays? 4) Don't we dance (Present Indefinite) every day? 5) Are they playing (Present Progressive) in the room now? 6) Where does he live (Present Indefinite)? — He lives (Present Indefinite) in a village. 7) He is sleeping (Present Progressive) now. 8) They read (Present Indefinite) many books. 9) The children are eating (Present Progressive) soup now. 10) He helps (Present Indefinite) his mother every day.

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