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03 июля 17:46

Раскройте скобки, употребив нужное по смыслу время. Переведите эти предложения. It (to be) during the rush-hour. As usual,

all the seats in the bus (to be) occupied. When a pretty lady (to get) in, an elderly man who (to sit) near the door (to want) to rise but the lady at once (to press) him to keep his seat. "Thank you" , she (to say), "I (not to mind) standing". -"But, madam, permit me... "-"I (to insist) upon your sitting down", she (to interrupt) him and putting her hands on his shoulders she almost (to force) him back into his seat. The man (to try) again to stand up and (to say), "Madam, you kindly (to allow) me to...". But once more the lady (to cut) him short saying, "I (not to wish) to accept your seat, sir!" and (to force) him back with another push. With the utmost effort the man finally (to manage) to push her aside. "Madam", he (to call) out, "I (not to care) whether you (to take) my seat or not. It (to be) your fault that the bus already (to take) me two stops beyond my destination, and now I wish to get out".

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