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Раскройте скобки и поставьте глагол в нужной форме,укажите времяShe (to work) in the garden now.My brother (to be) in

Moscow last year.They (never/to be) in England.Nick (to da) his lessons at 7 o,clock tomorrow.Our boss ( to sign) all the papers by 4 o,clock.I (to watch ) TV at 3 o,clock yesterday....you (ti like) coffee?Sam (not/ to sing) tomorrow.I (to watch) the match on TV at 6 o,clock tomorrow.We (to be) pupils....you (to read) now?She (just/to write) a test.I said I (to meet) him the day before.My sister (not/to play) tenni yesterday.He (to see) this film tomorrow.When my brother came, I ( to pain) the door.

Ответ или решение1

1. She is working in the garden now. - Present Continuous Active Voice.
2. My brother was in Moscow last year. - Past Simple Active Voice.
3. They have never been in England. - Present Perfect Active Voice.
4. Nick will be doing his lessons at 7 o'clock tomorrow. - Future Continuous Active Voice.
5. Our boss had signed all the papers by 4 o'clock. - Past Perfect Active Voice.
6. I was watching TV at 3 o'clock yesterday. - Past Continuous Active Voice.
7. Do you like coffee? - Present Simple Active Voice.
8. Sam will not sing tomorrow. - Future Simple Active Voice.
9. I will be watching the match on TV at 6 o'clock tomorrow. - Future Continuous Active Voice.
10. We are pupils. - Present Simple Active Voice.
11. Are you reading now? - Present Continuous Active Voice.
12. She has just written a test. - Present Perfect Active Voice.
13. I said I had met him the day before. - Past Simple, Past Perfect Active Voice.
14. My sister didn't play tennis yesterday. - Past Simple Active Voice.
15. He will see this film tomorrow. - Future Simple Active Voice.
16. When my brother came, I was painting the door. - Past Simple, Past Continuous Active Voice. 

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