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02 мая 12:32

Put the words in the right order and make sentences. Weekend/don't/games/we/at/play/computer/the To /time/ do/ usually

/what /? /go/ bed/ you new/ like /?/ are/ classmates /your/ what parents /usually/ you/ ? /do /your/ help Saturday /is /a Sarah /party /on/ having . those /Paul/ ?/ buy /trainers /did /why school /you/ late /always/ for/ are cinema /you/ I /to /tomorrow/ with/ come/ the/ can't see /Phil /summer /going /his/ the/ cousins /is /in /holidays /to does /Natalie /school /her /after never /homework 10the /eat /you library /in/ mustn't

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We don’t play computer games at the weekend.

What time do you usually go to bed?

What are your new classmates like?

Do you usually help your parents?

Sarah is having a party on Saturday.

Why did Paul buy those trainers?

You are always late for school.

I can’t come with you to the cinema tomorrow.

Phil is going to see his cousins in the holidays.

Natalie never does her homework after school.

You mustn’t eat in the library.

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