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02 мая 12:20

Put the verbs into the correct form: Tom home late yesterday (come). Nick a lot of ice cream when he was a little child

(eat). Ann a bike last year (ride), My mother French atschool (learn). We a lot last summer (swim). My friends a song at the concert (sing) They at the party yesterday (dance).

Ответ или решение1

1. Tom came (Past Indefinite) home late yesterday. 2. Nick ate (Past Indefinite) a lot of ice cream when he was (Past Indefinite) a little child. 3. Ann rode (Past Indefinite) a bike last year. 4. My mother learnt (Past Indefinite) French at school. 5. We swam (Past Indefinite) a lot last summer. 6. My friends sang (Past Indefinite) a song at the concert. 7. They danced (Past Indefinite) at the party yesterday.

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