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02 мая 12:28

PUT THE VERBS IN THE CORRECT TENSE FORM He (to meet) his mother t the station day2. I (to rite) a composition for two

hours3. when I saw him he ( to go) to school4.Water (to boil) at 100 Celsius5. What you (to reed) now6. She (to clean) her room two hours ago?7. They (to plant) trees by that time last sunday8. We (not to learn) this poem next poem next week

Ответ или решение1

1. He met (Past Indefinite) his mother at the station yesterday. 2. I have been writing (Present Perfect Continuous) a composition for two hours. 3. When I saw (Past Indefinite) him he was going to school. 4. Water boils (Present Indefinite) at 100 Celsius. 5. What are you reading (Present Continuous) now? 6. Did she clean (Past Indefinite) her room two hours ago? 7. They had planted (Past Perfect) trees by that time last Sunday. 8. We won't learn (Future Indefinite) this poem next week.

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