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13 июня 23:43

Put the verbs in brasket into the Present Simple, the Present Continuous, the Present Perfect or the Present Perfect

Continuous Tense: - I_____(to look) for my watch. I _____(to look) for it for fifteen minutes now/ -You never______(to put) your watch in its plase. It_____(to seem) to me l____(just to see) in on the shelf next to the telephone. - Here it_____(to be). Thank you. - By the way, you boss_____(already to phone) you. He____(to wait) for you in the office for half an hour. - Oh, dear, i_____(completely to forget) about the conference! It____(to start) at 11 p.m. And i________(not to prepare) the report about the results. - Jack, you always_____(to forget) about important things. - you____(to know), i______(to be) very busy these day day. Where_____my shirt (to be)? - I______(to iron) it right nowm Here you____(to be). -Thanks. I_______(to leave) now.

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