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02 мая 12:14

Put the verbs in brackets in the right tense form. Use the present Simple or the Present Progressive They (pley) football

every day after school. Now thry (not play). They (prepare) the ground for the game.they girls (help). The parents (watch). He (run) after the ball. He (jump). He (kick) the ball. The ball (fly) into the gate goal! Oleg's mother (see) this Vanya (sit) on the grass. He always(play) football matches, but today he (not play).

Ответ или решение1

1) They play (Present Indefinite) football every day after school. Now they are not playing (Present Progressive). They are preparing (Present Progressive) the ground for the game. The girls are helping (Present Progressive). 2) The parents watch (Present Indefinite). He runs (Present Indefinite) after the ball. He jumps (Present Indefinite). He kicks (Present Indefinite) the ball. The ball flies (Present Indefinite) into the gate goal! 3) Oleg's mother sees (Present Indefinite) that Vanya is sitting (Present Progressive) on the grass. He always play (Present Indefinite) football matches, but today he is not playing (Present Progressive).

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