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13 апреля 20:20

Put the verb in brackets into the proper tense form. Last Monday our class (go)______ to Kyiv.I (get)_______ up early.My

mother (make)__________ Some sandwiches.I (leave)__________ home at 8 o cklock.Dad (catch)________________ a taxi for me,because we (miss)__________ our trolley-bus.The taxi (take)_________ us to the railway station.There our teacher (meet)____________ us.We (take)_______our seats in the train.The trip (be)_________exciting.We (arrive)__________in Kyiv at 12.We (have) ___________ a great time in Kyiv.We (visit)______________ a lot of interesting places and (buy)____________Some souvenirs there.

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 Last Monday our class went to Kyiv. I got up early. My mother made some sandwiches. I left home at 8 o'clock. Dad caught a taxi for me, because we had missed our trolleybus. The taxi took us to the railway station. There our teacher met us. We took our seats in the train. The trip was exciting. We arrived in Kyiv at 12. We had a great time in Kyiv. We visited a lot of interesting places and bought some souvenirs there.

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