Прочитайте текст и скажите, почему дети любят проводить каникулы у своего дедушки. AT MY GRANDFATHER'S My sister and

I enjoy living in the country, that is why we usually spend our summer holidays at our grandfather’s. He lives and works in the forest - he is a forester. He lives in a small house. He has a garden. Different plants grow in his garden. It’s very beautiful there. There is a lake near the house. The lake is full of fish. Near the lake there are high green hills and large fields. A lot of different flowers grow in the fields. The forest is full of mushrooms and berries. Different birds and animals live on the hills and in the forest. Grandfather knows and loves them all. He knows a lot of thing's about animals: where they live in winter and in summer, what they eat, what they like to do, how they teach their children and play with them. He knows all about birds, too. When a bird is singing he can say what bird it is. In winter, when there is not much food to eat in the forest, he gives the birds something to cat. Grandfather likes the forest. He always says that the forest is full of wonders. We like to listen to grandfather’s stories about the forest's wonders.

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