Прочитай название статьи. Как ты думаешь, о чём она? Прочитай, послушай и проверь. Online or in class? 1 Many people

believe that there won't be any schools in the future. Instead, students will learn at home with the help of a personal computer and the Internet. 2 It is true that technology plays a big part in learning today. In many parts of the world, students use personal computers to write their school assignments or keep notes of lectures. What's more, students go online to look up useful information or do an online course. 3 However, computers will never be able to replace teachers,'Teachers motivate their students, help them out with difficult tasks, answer their questions and give clear explanations. Moreover; teachers show young children how to behave and act as role models for them. 4 To sum up, technology can help students learn things. Unfortunately, it cannot offer them the inspiration and support that teachers can.

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