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29 декабря 05:14

Пожалуйста напишите диалог на английском языке про любой музей Алматы Заранее огромное спасибо

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Исакова Алла
-Excuse me,can you help me?
-Sure. Ask what you want.
-Can you show me where is the Museum of Folk Music Instruments?
-Give me a second. These is Barivaeva street, but you need Kaldaiakova street. Don't worry, it is near. So, right there turn left, cross 2 streets, then again turn left and you finally will see what you need. Do you like folk music?
-Yes,folk music is a part of history, it shows soul of folk.
-Than this museum is the best place for you, you will learn everything about national instruments and other interesting things.
-Thank you very much.
-You are welcome,good luck.
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