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02 мая 12:21

Переведите в косвенную речь They said,"We have decided" He said,"I will read the novel" They said, "we were in Paris"

They asked him,"Do you work in the office?" She asked them,"have you been to America?" They asked her,"Where are you going?"

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1. They said, "We have decided". - They said that they had decided.
2. He said, "I will read the novel". - He said that he would read the novel.
3. They said, "We were in Paris". - They said that they had been in Paris.
4. They asked him, "Do you work in the office?" - They asked him if he worked in the office.
5. She asked them, "Have you been to America?" - She asked them if they had been to America.
6. They asked her, "Where are you going?" - They asked her where she was going. 

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