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02 мая 12:40

Open the brackets, put the verbs into the Present SimpleWhen your father usually (to get up)?How many lessons you (to

have) on Monday?You (to make) the bed in the morning?When you (to come) home from school?Where your mother (to work)?Who (to like) to watch cartoons?Who (to go) shopping in your family?How often they (to go) to the cinema?Where she (to like) to play basketball?Who he (to go) to the swimming pool with?What your grandmother usually (to have) for dinner?Who you (to go) to the theatre with?

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1) When does your father usually get up? 2) How many lessons do you have on Monday? 3) Do you make the bed in the morning? 4) When do you come home from school? 5) Where does your mother work? 6) Who likes to watch cartoons? 7) Who goes shopping in your family? 8) How often do they go to the cinema? 9) Where does she like to play basketball? 10) Who does he go to the swimming pool with? 11) What does your grandmother usually have for dinner? 12) Who do you go to the theatre with?

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