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02 сентября 01:40

Нужно ответить на следующие вопросы: 1. What do you usually for breakfast? 2. Do you have breakfast before leaving for

your work? 3. How do you get to the place you work? (by bus, by foot, by car) 4. How do your friends like to spend summer weekends? 5. Do you receive guests on Sunday? 6. What means of transport do you use when you want to go to the sea? 7. Where did you travel last? 8. What do people travel for?

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1. For breakfast I usually have a plate of oatmeal with milk, fruits and nuts.

2. I always try to have breakfast before I leave for work.

3. I get to work by bus and metro.

4. My friends like to get together and go to the restaurant or pub on weekends.

5.Sometimes I have guests on Sunday or visit friends myself.

6. Since there is no sea nearby, I have either take a train or go by plane to get to the sea.

7. I traveled to Turkey last month

8. People travel mostly for fun and relaxation.
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