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12 января 19:49

нужно написать маленькое сочинение по английскому.написать в какой магазин я ходила, на какой он улице ,что мне понравилось

,что не понравилось что я купила и сколько оно стоит

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I went to a supermarket called "ATB". This store is on my street, which is called Palace. I like that I can buy all the products in this store. I like that in this store I can buy clothes and things for home. I do not like the fact that there are not enough clothes in the store. I bought sausage at this store for 300 rubles, cheese for 300 rubles and canned food for 200 rubles. I bought a T-shirt at this store for 500 rubles. I like very much this store and I advise everyone visit it. 

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