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Найди в тексте прилагательные, которые служат для описания данных существительных. Используй эти фразы, чтобы составить

собственные предложения. 1 ... things 2... people 3... friends 4 ... beaches 5... theme park 6 ... rides 7... pictures Hey Mike, 1 Greetings 1) California! I’m having the time 2) my life! I’ve been at Camp Pacific for a week now and I 3) done millions of exciting things. 2 So far, I’ve met 4) lot of interesting people and I’ve made some new friends! Together we’ve gone sailing, wave riding 5) water skiing! The beaches are fantastic, so we’ve spent .some time sunbathing, too. We 6) visited Legoland, the famous theme park, and we’ve been 7) some hair-raising rides! We haven’t done any souvenir shopping 8) but there’s plenty of time for that. 3 I’ve taken a lot of beautiful pictures to show you when I get back. See you in two weeks. Take care! Love, Janet Mike Simmons 33 Castle Street EH2 3DN Edinburgh United Kingdom

Ответ или решение1

1) exciting; 5) famous;
2) interesting; 6) hair-raising;
3) new; 7) beautiful.
4) fantastic;

I’ve been on the sea last year and I’ve seen there many exciting things. I’ve visited fantastic beaches, the famous theme park and some hair-raising rides. I’ve met a lot of interesting people there and I’ve made some new friends. I have beautiful pictures of this amazing place now.

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