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13 июня 23:43

Make up true sentences with these verbs and nouns To speak,to buy,to destroy,to create,to dump,to picnic,to operate,to

illustrate,to radiate,to cooperate,Calm,ill,soft,ready,dark

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  1. I don't speak German. 2. I bought fish for dinner. 3. The building was destroyed by fire. 4. He was created the title of People's Hero. 5. She dumped the kids with grandma. 6. We hold a picnic in the forest. 7. The watch also operates underwater. 8. If I could just take one example to illustrate this. 9. The sun radiates heat. 10. We reached an agreement with them to cooperate. 11. The seas were dead calm. 12. Don't wish them ill. 13. I have little ready cash. 14. He arrived after dark.
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