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13 апреля 19:07

FUTURE SIMPLE 1)It`s late.I think I(take)a taxi a)shall take b)will take c)am taking 2)___I(answer)the questions? a)will

answer b)shall answer c)Do...answer 3)We don`t know their address.What (we/do)? a)will doing b)shall do c)will do 4)I`m afraid they(not/wait) for us? a)will not wait b)shall not wait c)will not waiting 5)Diana(come) to the party tomorrow? a)shall come b )will come c)came

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Кононов Иван

1) It`s late. I think I shall take (Future Simple) a taxi. 2) Shall I answer (Future Simple) the questions? 3) We don`t know their address. What will we do (Future Simple)? 4) I`m afraid they will not wait (Future Simple) for us. 5) Will Diana come (Future Simple) to the party tomorrow?

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