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29 декабря 02:53

Диалог про Лондон ! Срочно !

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- Hello, my name is -- - Good afternoon, my name is Patrick. Nice to meet You. - Nice to meet You? too. Where do you live, Patrick? - I live in London, the capital of Great Britan. - What is the weather like in London? - Oh, we now have a very damp and cloudy weather. Almost nothing can be seen from the window of my room. What a pity, that weather in London isn`t so beautiful as in Russia on New year. I'd like to play snowballs, skate and ski in the first days of the new year. - Patrick, how do you spend your free time? - I really like spending time with my friends. - Where are your friends and you like to walk? - Our favorite meeting place is Trafalgar square. - Patrick, what is the Trafalgar square famous for? - There is a monument to Admiral NelsonIn in Trafalgar square . - Patrick, do you think Admiral NelsonIn deserved it? - Yes, of course, Admiral NelsonIn was a great commander. He didn`t accepte the invasion of France and Spain to the Great Britain, destroyed the combined fleet of these States. - This is the only attraction located on Trafalgar square? - No, my friend. Here is the national gallery of England. - Patrick, do you advise me to visit this gallery? - Yes, of course. Collection of the gallery includes works by recognized masters Leonardo da Vinci, van Gogh, Claude Monet, Renoir.
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