Английский язык
16 апреля 21:35

Correct the mistakes. 1. This pets are funny. 2. She have a family. 3. What does we do in the shop? 4. There are some

salt in the soup. 5. The stones fall to the water. 6. There are two dozens roses in the box. 7. Those tulip is very nice. 8. There is some horse in the yard. 9. How much photos have you? 10. The one of September is the Day of Knowledge. 11. We go into Moscow every year. 12. When are you study English? 13. I prefer this song for that one. 14. Does you like to play chess? 15. Ann and Kate swims in the lake. 16. I see a few snow on the ground. 17. I want to give you these cake. 18. Are she live there? 19. Why you show your dress before party? 20. We have no a cat. 21. You are tired, don’t you? 22. Is there some broken glass on the floor? 23. You read texts every day? 24. Has his parents a flat or a house? 25. Give me a milk, please. 26. There is not the lamp on a wall. 27. Who plant all trees in the garden? – We do. 28. Translate the Russian words on English, please. 29. There are a little chairs in the room. 30. Who are there at the door? – We are. 31. How many homework must you do now? 32. They was at the club yesterday. 33. What does fly in the room? – A bee does.

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