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02 мая 12:27

Complete the sentences with the words in the box ( mine, yours, his , hers, ours , theirs) is this your mobile? yes,it's__________

is this Anna's coat? yes, it's_________ Whose bag is this? It's Sam's. It's______ Whose money is this ? it's your money . It's________ Whose house is that? It's________

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Is this your mobile? - Yes, it's mine. - Это Ваш мобильный телефон. - Да, мой.

Is this Anna's coat? - Yes, it's hers. - Это пальто Анны? - Да, её.

Whose bag is this? - It's Sam's. It's his. - Чья это сумка? - она Сэма. Это его.

Whose money is this? - It's your money. It's yours. - Чьи это деньги? - Это твои деньги. Они твои.

Whose house is that? - It's theirs. - Чей тот дом? - Это их.

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