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16 апреля 22:21

Choose the right PHRASAL VERB. 1.Try to find the way and _________of the maze. ( get on, get out) 2.Don’t _______the

radio. It’s so nice and quiet here. (turn off , tirn on) 3.We can’t hear the recording. Could you _______a bit? ( turn down , turn up ) 4.You are ill. You shouldn’t _________before Sunday. ( getn on , get up ) 5.Don’t ______your shoes. The floor is dirty. ( take of, take after ) 6.I have to _______my little cousin while her parents are at the party. ( look after , look for ) 7._______! don’t cross the street now! (Look out , look up) 8.Our washing machine_______ last week. ( broke into , broke down) 9.The fire brigade the _______fire in ten minutes. ( put out , put on ) 10.She can’t answer the phone right now. 11.Could you _______a minute? ( get out , find out ) 3/Choose the right word. How (much or many_)girls are there in your class? I can see ( any or some )soldiers in front of the palace. If you drink too( many or much) coke, you can have problems with your teeth. Mike’s got ( a little or a few ) rabbits on his grandpa’s farm. There aren’t ( many or no ) interesting books on our reading list. There’s ( a or some ) rice in the blue bowl. We haven’t got ( a lot of or many ) wild animals in our forests. ( Some or Any ) of these apples are ready to eat. Give me ( a little or little ) orange juice, please

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