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16 апреля 21:30

Choose the correct response and match it to a question. 1) I'd like to speak to Mr. Jones, please. 2)You look tired.

3) What's the matter? 4)Shall we cycle into the town? 5)Have you ever been to London? 6)You're looking very happy. 7)Can't you go a little bit faster? 8)Do you like skiing? 9)Why don't you come out with us tonight? 10) We uught to book our flight. 11) What do you think of my essay? 12)Do you know where Sarah is? 13)Did you enjoy New Zealand? 14) Why isn't Andrew at work today? a) I'm afraid I can't. Isabel's borrowed my bike for the weekend b) No. I haven't seen her since she went out this morning. c)I'm sorry. He's just left the office. d) He's hurt his back so he's gone to see the doctor. e) I've been out every night this week and I'm exhausted. f) Yes. It's the most beatiful country I've ever been to. g) That's because we've walked 30 kilometres today. h) Don't worry. I've already done it. i) I'm sorry. This is the first time I've driven this car. j)I don't know. I haven't read it yet. k) Yes. I've just heard that I've passed my exams. l) I've never tried it m) No, I haven't. And what about you? o) I've cut my finger.

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