а) Посмотри на отрывки. Какие это тексты? Какие проблемы у каждого персонажа? It's one week before the school tennis

tournament and I'm feeling very tired! I can hardly stay on my feet during training and I feel sleepy all the time! Please help! WORN OUT I'm writing to ask you for some advice. Lately, I've been suffering from terrible headaches and my eyes are sore. I work a lot on my computer. What can I do? Computer Freak b) Прочитай письмо. К какому отрывку оно подходит? Кому оно адресовано? Послушай и проверь. Dear 1 It seems that you are exhausted. Here are a few things you can try in order to feel better and be able to take part in the tournament. 2 First of all, it's important to get some rest. Why don't you take a couple of days off training? This way. you'll give yourself the chance to relax. You should also think about your eating habits. Eat more fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water. If you do this, you'll give your body the vitamins and energy it needs to perform well. 3 I hope my advice helps. Good luck in the tournament!

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They are short letters to a magazine asking for advice. ‘Worn out’ is exhausted and he (she) needs to feel better before the tennis tournament. ‘Computer Freak’ has got lots of headaches and his (her) eyes are sore all the time.
It matches letter A. It is addressed to ‘Worn Out’.

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