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4. In England the weather is ______ A. sunny B. snowy C. rainy 5. Dover is _________ A. in France B. in England C. in

Spain 6. It s often _________in England A. wet B. dry C. very cold 7. Complete the expressions . a________of toothpaste . a________of milk . a__________of oil a_________of oinment 8. find good advice for each problem a toothache-- a bad headache-- the flu-- a cough-- 9.What shouldn t people do to protect environment. Write 2-3 tnings 10. What should people do to protect environment. Write 2-3 things

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4 - c: rainy 5 - b: in England 6 - a: wet 7. tube, cup, barrel, tube 8. brush your teeth, take a medicine, put your legs into hot water, go to a doctor 9. People should not litter, hunt for rare animals, pollute the atmosphere 10. People should reduce an amount of cars. They should clean lakes, rivers, seas and use renewable energy sources.
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