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08 ноября 20:59

18. We _____ buy him a camera for his birthday. a) going to b) is going to c) are going to 19. I can’t pick this box.

a) I am going to help you with it b) I am helping you with it c) I will help you with it 20. ____ he want to come tomorrow? a) Do b) Is c) Does 21. I would like ____ him at the station. a) to meet b) meet c) meeting 22. They____ spend their holidays in Turkey. a) might b) will might c) mights 23. He ____ stay at home at the weekend. a) won’t probably b) didn’t probably c) probably won’t 24. She ____ (sleep) now. a) sleep b) are sleep c) is sleeping 25. They ____ (listen) to music now. a) are listening b) listens c) listening 26. We ____ already (finish) our homework. a) already finishing b) have already finished c) has already finished 27. I ____ (see) Michael for a long time. a) doesn’t see b) hasn’t seen c) haven’t seen 28. All men _____do military service. a) have to b) can c) don’t have to 29. You _____ take dogs into the shops. a) can b) can’t c) have to 30. Luxembourg is ____ country in the world. a) richer b) the most rich c) the richest 31. Jane is _____ than Kate. a) taller b) tall c) the tallest 32. This is _____ restaurant in Barcelona. a) more expensive b) the most expensive c) the expensive 33. There are ____ boys in the room. a) any b) some c) a 34. Are there ____ restaurants near your house? a) any b) some c) a 35. He doesn’t have ______ books in the bag. a) much b) many c) little 36. There is ____ milk in the bottle. a) much b) many c) few 37. I have ____ bananas in the fridge. a) little b) much c) few

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