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1)While I (was waiting/waited/have waited) for him to call up, he (had/was having/have had) a good time in the bar. 2)

She(has written/wrote/was writing)this exercise yesterday at 8 o'clock. 3) He(has invited/was inviting/invited) me to the party yesterday. 4) I( passed\have passed/was passing) my exam in history to day. 5) He (read/has read/was reading) a book two days ago. 6)They(have seen/saw/were seeing) this film last week/ 7) She(painted/has painded/was painting) the picture when I came. 8)I(wade/have made/was making)my report when you entered the ball. 9) They(learnt/were learning/ have learnt) the new words yesterday from three till seven. 10)It(rained/has rained/ was raining) this week. 11)She (was having/had/has had) a bath at seven o'clock last night. 12)She (was washing/washed/has washed) dishes already. 13)They (had/have had/we're having) supper when the telephone rang. 14)I (didn't meet/ haven't met/was not meeting) you for ages. 15) last summer he(has gone/was going/went) to the Caucasus. 16)she was thoughtfully looking at him while he(read/was reading/has read) a newspaper. 17)While I (swept/was sweeping/has swept) the floor,Mrs.Parker began cooking. 18)I just (had/have had/was having) a telegram to say that my poor friend is badly ill again. 19)we (sat/we're sitting/have sat) in silence for a few minutes. 20)while she(washed/was washing/has washed up),she (was hearing/heard/has heard) the doorbell,the voices.

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