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1. Выполните грамматический тест1. Normally the entrance examinations … in July.a) began b) begun c) begins d) begin

2. The visiting delegation … by the president at the airport yesterday.a) is met b) were met c) will be met d) was met 3. Make sure that your mobile phone … during important meeting.a) is switched off b) swithes off c) is switching off d) will switch off 4. We … waiting for you four hours yesterday in the evening.a) are b) will be c) were d) had to 5. My mother works hard, … she?a) didn’t b) doesn’t c) won’t d) isn’t 6. Look outside. It … raining; the pavement’s still wet.a) have been b) will be c) has been d) is 7. We usually … our products into many markets.a) are selling b) sold c) sells d) sell 8. The wind … hard at the moment.a) was blowing b) blows c) is blowing d) will be blowing 9. Don’t worry. You …find a job in a week.a) will b) didn’t c) are d) were 10. I … golf recently.a) have been playing b) has been playing c) plays d) play

Ответ или решение1

1. Normally the entrance examinations d) begin in July. 2. The visiting delegation d) was met by the president at the airport yesterday. 3. Make sure that your mobile phone a) is switched off during important meeting. 4. We c) were waiting for you for four hours yesterday evening. 5. My mother works hard, b) doesn’t she? 6. Look outside. It c) has been raining; the pavement’s still wet. 7. We usually c) sells our products into many markets. 8. The wind c) is blowing hard at the moment. 9. Don’t worry. You a) will find a job in a week. 10. I a) have been playing golf recently.

В 6) и 10) лучше бы использоваь формы the Present Perfect: 6) has rained, 10) has played. Все-таки формы the Present Perfect Continuous применяются для обозначения действия, которое началось в прошлом и длится в момент речи.

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