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1 Use the infinitive with the particle to where necessary. 1. She began (to talk) of Brighton. 2. You must (to take)

care not (to offend) her. 3. I'd rather not (to go ) home that way. 4. I helped him (to find) the things. 5. He made me (to do) all the work again. 6. My neighbour let me (to borrow) his own car. 7. He never let himself (to be) angry. 8. Why not (to make) him a doctor like his father? 9. I used (to spend) a lot of time in Robert's room. 10. I can't (to think) what made him (to do) such a thing. 11. Let's (to watch) the boys diving. 12. You'd better (to try) not (to think) about it. 13. I asked him if he was willing (to help) me (to do) the job. 14. Why not (to allow) her (to do) as she likes. 15. Don't let us (to waste) time. There are hundreds of things (to be done). 16. Why not (to start) out now? We can't (to wait) for the weather (to change). 17. We had better (to make) haste. 18. You needn't (to ask) for permission. I let you (to take) my books whenever you like. 19. You ought not (to sit up) so late. 20. What made you (to think) so? 21. She seems (to know) a great deal about music. 22. He told me (to try) (to do) it once again. 23. What made you (to deceive) me? 24. There's nothing (to do) but (to wait) till somebody comes (to let) us out. 25. He was seen (to make) a note of it.

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