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16 апреля 22:04

1.Match the animals to their homes. А) rabbit 1 kennel В) tropical fish 2 cage С) cat 3 stable D) dog 4 nest E) horse

5 aquarium F) blackbird 6 basket G) parrot 7 beehive H) bee 8 hutch 2.Dad is flying to Africa tomorrow and I want to see him_________ . outoffup 3.If you use our new washing powder, all the stains will come________. outdownoff 4.I hate fast driving. Please slow_________ ! ondownup 5.We __________ do this exercise, but we can if we want to. don't mustdon't have tomustn't 6.HOME quiz. 1. Which is the ‘odd one out’ ?alarm clockpillowbathbed 2. Which is the ‘odd one out’ ?sofatelevisionwashing machinearmchair 3. Which is the ‘odd one out’ ?wallsaucepanroofdoor 4. Which is the ‘odd one out’ ?knifekettleshowerfridge7. A COUGH or a SNEESE? Choose which one. ___________A travels at 100 km per hour. ____________A travels at 150 km per hour. ____________You can’t with your eyes ope 8. Match the food to the animal. panda 1 fish kangaroo 2 grass and leaves lion 3 meat penguin 4 mice snake 5 seals and fish polar bears 6 leaves, seeds, insects, small stones tarantula 7 spiders, lizards, snakes, frogs ostrich 8 bamboo 9.The women __________ very pleased with the new Fashion Show. didn't beweren'twasn't10.I must find _______which platform the train leaves from. outonin

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