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08 ноября 21:40

1. After they ... in this business, our share prices went up. a) had invested b) had invest c) have invested 2. He already

... in business before he joined our company. a) work b) worked c) had worked 3. We ... a controlling share of the company before they went out of business. a) won b) have won c) had won 4. They just ... their business when we worked out a programme of restructuring. a) had started b) have started c) had start 5. As soon as this company ... their expenditures increaced. a) was privatized b) had been privatized c) have been privatized 6. We ... more than half of the shares of this company last month. a) have bought b) had bought c) have been bought 7. I ... the annual report since early morning. a) prepared b) has prepared c) have prepared 8. My uncle knows everything about finance. He ... as a financial manager for 20 years. a) has working b) has been working c) has worked 9. I ... them a fax today. a) have been sending b) have sent c) has been sending 10. My brother ... with his boss yesterday. a) have quarreled b) has quarreled c) has been quarrelling

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